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A tremendous Thank you to Auctioneer Kevin Painter!
We really appreciate your experience and professionalism - made our event truly excitng! 

Thank you Kat Moore!
It was such a joy to work with you and we are so grateful that you were able to join us for this evening.

Thank you Judd Wattenbarger!
We were grateful for your help in masterminding this event and for sharing your MC humor and musical talents with us.

Thank you Kevin Worrell! 
for swooping back in as a surprise guest and sharing your musical talents, sound and visual skills and for getting Kat on board!
So grateful that you let us use your song ‘Close Quarters’  aka the kindergarten song for our slideshow.

Thank you to the teachers and parent volunteers that worked diligently on the Class Auction Projects. 
That work made this day possible.

Thank you to 49th State for a lovely evening.


A Special Thank you to Dawn and Aaron Morse
for being the first to buy tickets! And sharing photos for our slideshow.

Other contributors to the slideshow include:
Lisa Stratford, Lalia Bunn, Kevin Menkens, Molly Towner, Jeremy Crawford, Rachel Vander Martin, Sarah Glaser, Corrie Bennett, Oona Martin, Rayna Swanson and Erica Malouf.


A huge THANK YOU to the Set-up Team
Laura Harris, Kira Rafuse, Margo Sorum, Sally Elmore, Erin Fleischer, Crystal Reeves, Sam Beckett,
Aubree Wattenbarger, Rachel VanderMartin, Kate Martin, Jacqui Spies and Lalia Bunn
We could not have done it without you..


More Gratitude

Margaret Mackie
for creating beautiful felted vessels to contain thank you arrangements.
And to Allison Koos-Fox for adorning them.

Traci Hartz Floral
for creating beautiful, unique botanical arrangements to fill the thank you vessels.

Jenny Pfiefer
for knitting and felting wool bowls to use as table décor and gifts.

Sarah Robicheaux
for more wool bowls and for painting our parking lot sign.

Lynne Jablonski
for providing a surprise gift of ceramic bowls to the head table.

Wendy Spencer Photography
 for donating her photography talents for the evening and to Lesley Zacharias for assisting.


A HUGE Thank you to our hard working Behind the Scenes Specialists

Thank you Jenniffer Porter for keeping track of all the donations and software.

Thank you Aubree Wattenbarger for managing the class basket team and more.

Thank you Rachel VanderMartin for all the support, ideas and planning.

Thank you to the check-in/out team, Nate VanderMartin, Chad and Rebecca Steadman and Malinda Me Maier.

Thank you to Crystal Reeves, Becca Bernard and Michael Shephard for working so hard during the Auction.


We are grateful for each and every donation.
It really adds up.

We are also grateful to Ms. Colleen for keeping it real, getting the word out and for her generous spirit.  It's a Wonderful Day at Winterberry!

Sincerely, Oona Martin WPG President & Jessica Gardner WPG Fundraising Chair.

Head, Heart, Hand Info

April 7, 2018
5:00 PM (AKDT)

49th State Brewing Co.
717 W. 3rd. Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501

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